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Collected data information
Personal data use responsible is Fabiana Micheli -

Types of Data Collected
Personal data collected by this website are: Email, Name, Surname, Telephone Number, Cookie and access information. Other personal data collected may be listed in other parts of this privacy policy or in other informative texts appearing during the data collection itself. Personal data may be entered by the user or automatically collected when using this application. Any use of cookies - or other tracking tools - aims to identify users and to record their preferences for statistical purposes or in relation to the requested service. Missing data not provided by the user may not allow this application to provide its services. The user is responsible of publishing or sharing through this application Personal Data of a third and he guarantees to have the right to use and broadcast them, freeing the owner from any liability to third parties.

Personal data use. Use methods

The owner uses personal information adopting appropriate security measures avoiding any unauthorized access, divulgation, modification or destruction. Data are used through technology or online instruments, adopting organization and logic methods related to listed purposes. In addition to the owner, sometimes, can accede to the database categories of collaborators involved in the organization of the site (administrative, commercial, marketing and legal employees or system administrators) that is external parties (such as third party technicians, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) also called “Responsible of data use for the owner”. The updated list can be requested to the owner at any time.

Personal information are used at owner’s premises and in any other place where the involved parts can be located. For more detailed information get in touch with the owner.

Personal information are used for the necessary lapse of time to carry out the requested service; the user can ask for interruption of personal data use or for their cancellation at any time.

Purpose of personal data use
Personal information are collected to allow the owner to offer his service and for following purposes: to get in touch with users, to send e- mails, to send purchased products, to interact with social networks and external platforms, for commercial affiliation, to discuss website contents, to manage feed RSS and for statistics elaboration. According to each single purpose, personal data characteristics are listed in the specific sections of this document.

Personal data use details
Personal information are collected for following purposes and using following services:

Website contents discussion:
Discussion services allow users to express and publish their comments about this website. Users, according to settings decided by the owner, can leave their comment also anonymously. If the personal data left by the user contain the user’s mail address, this last information may be used to send communications about similar comments. Users are responsible for their comments content. If the owner uses a comment service provided by a third party, it is possible that it automatically collects traffic data related to pages in which the comment has been left, even if the users don’t us the comment service. Collected personal data: email, name and surname.

Get in touch with the user:
Mailing list or newsletter services allow the user to sign in communicating name and address. The application will automatically include it in a contacts list used to send informative e-mail messages, also with commercial and promotional purposes. The e-mail address may be also added to this list as result of website registration. Collected personal data: email, name and surname.

E-mail service management:
This services allow the owner to run a database containing email addresses, telephone numbers or other contacts used to get in touch with the user. These services may be also used to collect information about time and date of messages visualization, user’s interaction and links use. Social networks and external platforms interaction. This services allow the owner to interact with Social networks and external platforms directly from this website pages. Interactions and information collected by this application are used in accordance with the privacy settings used by the user on the social networks. If the owner uses a social network interaction service, it is possible that it automatically collects traffic data related to pages in which it is installed, even if the users don’t us this service.

Likes and Facebook Widget:
Likes and Facebook social Widget are interaction services with social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.
Collected personal data: Cookie and use data
Place of use: USA – Privacy Policy.

Button +1 and Google+ social widget (Google):
Button +1 and Google+ social widget are interaction.
services with social network Google+, provided by Google Inc.
Collected personal data: Cookie and use data Place of use: USA –Privacy Policy.

Services provided in this section allow the owner to analyze and control traffic data to check users attitude.

Google Analytics (Google):
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google collects personal data to trace and analyze this application use, to fill in reports and to share them with other services developed by Google. Google may also use this information to personalize and contextualize its network advertisements.
Collected personal data: Cookie and use data
Place of use: USA – Privacy Policy. – Privacy PolicyOpt Out.

Other information

User's Personal Data may be used by the Administrator for defense in court or in preparatory stages leading to a possible legal action, against improper use of the same one or related to services by the User.

Specific information:
In addition to information included in this privacy policy, this website can provide to the user additional information regarding specific services, or personal data collection and use.

System Log and maintenance:
According to needs related to functioning and maintenance, this website may collect system Logs, or files which record interactions and personal data, as User Ip address.

Information not included in this policy:
More information about personal data use can be requested to the owner at any time using contact information provided.

Users Rights:
Subjects who provided personal data have the right at any time to obtain existence confirmation to the Data Controller, to know the content and the origin, to verify data accuracy or to integrate information, to obtain cancellation, updating, correction, conversion into anonymous form or blocking Personal data used not in accordance with law. Any request must be addressed to the Data controller. This website does not support any request of “Do Not Track”. To know if services provided by third parties support this kind of request, check their privacy policy.

Modification to this privacy Policy:
Data Controller has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time by communicating it to the users through this webpage. Therefore, you are invited to periodically visit this page verifying the last modification date at the bottom. In case the users does not accept the modification made, he is invited to stop using the website and to request to the Data controller to remove his personal information. Unless otherwise specified, the previous privacy policy will continue to be applied to personal Information collected until then.

Information about this Privacy Policy:

Data controller is responsible of this privacy policy.

Definitions and legal references

Personal data
Are considered personal data all information about natural person, identified or identifiable, also indirectly, through any other information provided, included a personal identification number.

Use data
Personal data automatically collected by the application ( or by third parties applications used by the website), including: Ip addresses or domain names of computers used to connect to present application, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the request time, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the answer file, the code specifying the server answer status, the incoming Country, browser and operating system characteristics, the different visit duration details and information regarding the path followed during the website visits, with particular attention to the consulted pages, to the parameters of the operating system and to the informatics background of the users.

Person who uses the website and that must correspond to the person concerned or by this last authorized.

Person concerned
Natural or juridical person to whom personal information refer.

Manager of the treatment of personal data
Natural or juridical person, public administration and other institutions or associations authorized by data controller to use personal data according to this privacy policy.

Personal Data Controller
Natural or juridical person, public administration and other institutions or associations charged to handle decisions about purposes, methods and instruments regarding personal data treatment; including security profile related to the use of this website. If not otherwise specified, the data controller is also the website owner.

This web site
Hardware or software used to collect users personal data.

Cookies are text files that our site saves on user’s computer through the internet Browser (for example Internet Explorer).

Legal references
For European users: the privacy policy is drafted according to Art. 10 of Directive n. 95/46/CE, to Directive 2002/58/CE, updated with Directive 2009/136/CE, on the subject of Cookie. This privacy policy regards exclusively this website.

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